Workshop on minimum wages Lessons from recent experiences and European perspectives


Since the Great Recession, France has frozen its national minimum wage. By contrast, some OECD countries have significantly raised their minimum wages at the national or local levels; Germany has even introduced a Mindestlohn in 2015. This workshop will draw, for academic and non-academic audiences, the main lessons from these significant changes, and discuss the perspectives of a European minimum wage.

Presentation Slides:


Garnero: Minimum Wages Across OECD Countries: Back to the Future?

National minimum wages

Bryson: From the Minimum Wage to the Living Wage

Bossler: Employment Effects of the New German Minimum Wage

Behaghel: National Minimum Wages and Welfare. A Discussion of Presentations by Andrea Garnero, Mario Bossler and Alex Bryson

Local minimum wages

Montialoux: What Can We Learn From Recent Minimum Wage Increases in the US?

Kambayashi: Minimum Wage in Japan:
Institutional Aspects and its Consequences

Caroli: Local Minimum Wages

Round table: towards a European Minimum Wage?