Post-doctoral Position – Well-Being Observatory

Full time, starting September 2024


The Well-Being Observatory is the division of Cepremap in charge of fostering economic research on subjective well-being and the applications of well-being metrics to public policy. We coordinate a network of researchers working on the relevance of well-being metrics in many areas, such as education, income distribution, work, gender, political preferences, lifetime well-being dynamics, and the environment. Our research is conducted in close cooperation with the Paris School of Economics, which is hosted on the same premises.

A key goal is to deepen our understanding of well-being factors in France and how these insights could be used to design and assess public policy. To this end, we maintain a unique quarterly survey of 20 subjective well-being questions, paired with the national household survey on economic conditions.

We publish short policy notes highlighting the insights of subjective well-being research and their applications to policy, and an annual report on subjective well-being in France.


Your objective will be to research subjective well-being metrics, or carry out research that relies on these metrics. Our preferred methodology is empirical studies, relying on surveys, experiments and data collected from social networks or alternative sources. Our projects touch a wide variety of themes and questions. Our roadmap for 2024-2025 will be focused on 1) the impact of evolving working conditions – e.g. work from home, time-use and subjective well-being in an increasingly digitized world and 2) The link between climate change and subjective well-being, and the political acceptability of climate policies. While some connection with these themes would be an asset, your own work does not need to fit these two areas and we look forward to candidates with diverse interests linked to subjective well-being.

Your work will be leveraged in the production of our policy notes and reports, intended for a wider audience.


The position is located in Paris, France, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, on premises shared with the École normale supérieure and the Paris School of Economics. You will have a desk in a shared office space. The position is for one year, beginning September 2024, with a compensation of € 3 000 (take-home pay before income tax), including health insurance coverage.

Proficiency in French preferred, but not required.

This position is for candidates who were awarded their PhD in 2018 or after.


You can send enquiries to Mathieu Perona

Applications should include a CV and a short research project (max 3 pages) highlighting how your work will fit in with the Observatory’s missions.