CEPREMAP’s activities are divided into 5 scientific programmes and a team dedicated to macroeconomic modelling.

Every programme is directed by a steering committee composed of three or four recognized researchers.

About a hundred researchers participate in theses programmes. They are associated to Campus Jourdan at the Ecole Normale Supérieure or coopted by the directors of the research programmes.

The objectives of these programmes are defined for a period of two years. For 2007-2008, they have been established as follows:

Programme 1
Macroeconomic policy in an open economies

The main themes are: fiscal and monetary policy and management of economic cycles; international financial crisis and their resolutions; demography, long-term growth and retirement schemes (in connection with programmes 2 and 3).
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Programme 2
Labor and work

The main themes are: Employment policies and the efficiency of the labour market; management of age, retirement and employment (in connection with programmes 1 and 3 as regards retirement schemes); salary, education, training; working conditions: organization and satisfaction (in connection with programme 3 as regards health at work).
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Programme 3
Public economics and redistribution

The main themes are: Health and welfare (in connection with programme 2 as regards health at work); education; retirement and property; inequalities and social transfers (in connection with programme 1 as regards financing and programme 2 as regards seniors’ employment).
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Programme 4
Markets, firms and environment

The main themes are: Financial markets, competition policy and intellectual property; network economy; the environment.
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Programme 5
International trade and development

The main themes are: Trade and economic geography, development and poverty; development and growth.
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