Workshop on well-being over the life course

Over the last decade significant progress has been made in the measurement of people’s well-being, however, for these measures to have a significant impact on the design and development of specific policies, we must go beyond simply measuring well-being outcomes. It is important to know, not just the current level and distribution of well-being, but also what drives well-being, and whether the same causal mechanisms apply at different stages of the life course. Subjective well-being is a key area where better information on causality is needed.

The OECD, the Centre for Economic Performance of the London School of Economics and the CEPREMAP Well-Being Observatory are jointly organising a workshop on modelling the causes of subjective well-being over the life course of individuals. The workshop will bring together a range of researchers estimating models of the life course determinants of current subjective well-being based on longitudinal data for a number of countries. The objective of the workshop is to present some initial findings from current research in this area and help define the agenda for the future.

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