Conference : Productivity Puzzles in Europe

Since 2008, labour productivity in Europe experiences strong breacks. Most EU countries -including the top three economies- are facing flat or declining productivity. The employment performance in countries such as Germany and the UK are remarkable. By contrast, Spain long marked by a lack of productivity gains witnessed a spectacular revival in the apparent productivity.

The Cepremap organized January 23, 2015 a conference to analyze these developments and their determinants, and thus draw perspectives on the future evolution of productivity.

Papers presented during the conference:

Exploring the French Productivity Puzzle (Philippe Askénazy and Christine Erhel)

The German Labour Market Puzzle in the Great Recession (Lutz Bellmann and Hans-Dieter Gerner)

The Spanish Productivity Puzzle (Laura Hospido and Eva Moreno-Galbis)

The UK’s Productivity Puzzle (Alex Bryson and John Forth)


General introduction

Dan Andrews

Nicholas Crafts

Philippe Askenazy, Christine Erhel and Martin Chevalier

Lutz Bellmann, Hans-Dieter Gerner and Marie-Christine Laible

Laura Hospido and Eva Moreno Galbis

Marcel Timmer

Alex Bryson and John Forth

Bart van Ark