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20-hour master-level course taught in French at ENSAE ParisTech (2011-present)

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of macroeconomic models with microeconomic foundations. It addresses two main themes, the theories of growth and the effects of fiscal policy, through continuous-time models with a representative agent or overlapping generations. It pays a particular attention to normative questions concerning the Pareto efficiency of the market equilibrium and the role of economic policies.

General introduction

Part I: Exogenous growth theories
Chapter 1: The growth model with an exogenous saving rate (Solow-Swan)
Chapter 2: The growth model with an endogenous saving rate (Cass-Koopmans-Ramsey)

Part II: Endogenous growth theories
Chapter 3: The growth model with learning by doing (Romer, 1986)
Chapter 4: The growth model with a variety of goods (Romer, 1990)

Part III: Effects of fiscal policy
Chapter 5: Fiscal policy in the representative-agent model (Cass-Koopmans-Ramsey)
Chapter 6: Fiscal policy in the overlapping-generations model (Weil)

General conclusion

Main references
Barro, R.J., and Sala-i-Martin, X., 2004, “Economic Growth,” second edition, MIT Press
Heijdra, B.J., and Van der Ploeg, F., 2002, “Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics,” Oxford University Press
Romer, D., 2011, “Advanced Macroeconomics,” fourth edition, McGraw-Hill

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