Well-Being Observatory

The Well-Being Observatory at CEPREMAP supports well-being research in France and worldwide, bringing together researchers from different institutions who apply rigorous quantitative methods and cutting edge techniques to study well-being.  Researchers affiliated with the Well-Being Observatory are working on diverse subjects within three themes.

  • Understanding well-being.  Researchers investigate fundamental research questions such as the relationship of education and health to well-being, the impact of peer relationships on well-being, the relationship of well-being to economic outcomes such as employment and growth, and the development of well-being over the life course.
  • Well-being in France.    One important goal of the Well-Being Observatory is to develop an understanding of well-being in France: evolution over time, relationship to the business cycle, gaps in well-being between different population groups and regions, and the relationship of political outcomes to well-being.
  • Big Data Well-Being Index.  This project, with MediaLab at Sciences Po, uses Big Data to construct indicators of well-being, at a higher level of detail and greater frequency than is possible with survey data, both in France and abroad.  These indicators could be used to track well-being in countries in a much more systematic and comprehensive way than is currently possible.

The Well-Being Observatory works in cooperation with researchers at institutions throughout Paris, and in partnership with the Paris School of Economics, Sciences Po, and the OECD.  The Directors of the Observatory are Yann Algan, Andrew Clark, and Claudia Senik, and the Observatory is run by Elizabeth Beasley.