Macroeconomic observatory

The CEPREMAP hosts a research team dedicated to macroeconomic modelling. The goal of the team is to:

  • help central banks and other policy institutions to develop their own macroeconomic models based on the latest theoretical and empirical developments;
  • advance the research in the field of computational techniques devoted to the resolution and estimation of these macroeconomic models.

In particular, the CEPREMAP modelling team leads the development of Dynare, a software for handling a wide class of economic models, which has received wide acceptance within both academic and policy circles. The team has also developed long-term relationships with policy institutions, in particular the International Monetary Fund, Banque de France, the European Commission and the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister of Japan. The team is currently headed by:

The team also includes:

  • Houtan Bastani
  • Thomas Brand
  • Eleni Iliopulos
  • Sumudu Kankanamge
  • Frédéric Karamé
  • Erica Perego
  • Thepthida Sopraseuth