Yann Algan is a Professor of Economics at Sciences Po.  Professor Algan’s research focuses on the importance of factors like trust, self-control, and well-being in relation to individual outcomes and economic behavior, with particular attention to the role of education, culture, and institutions.  He is a member of the OECD High Level Expert Group on Well-Being, and is affiliated with CEPR, IZA, and CESE.  His awards include the Best French Young Economist (2009), and his books on trust and French society have been awarded Best French Economics Book and French Essay (2009) and Best French Economics Book, Prix Lycéen (2013).  In 2010 he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project “Trust”, and in 2014 an ERC consolidator grant for “Sowell”, a project on Social Preferences, Well-Being, and Policy. Professor Algan’s personal website is here.

Andrew Clark is a Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics.  In his research, Professor Clark investigates fundamental questions of life satisfaction and happiness: the evolution of well being over the life-course, the relationship of well being to labour market experiences, health, life events, and childhood environments.  His work brings empirical evidence to support the idea that many of the factors underlying happiness and well being are social in nature, involving in particular inequality, social comparisons and norms.  He holds positions as a Research Fellow at IZA, Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE, Senior Fellow at CRESS, Kingston University, and Visiting Professor and Research Associate at the Centre for Corporate Performance, Aarhus School of Business. Professor Clark’s personal website is here.

Claudia Senik is a Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics and the University Paris-Sorbonne.   Professor Senik’s main research areas include happiness studies, political attitudes and post-transition economies, as well as well-being at work.  Much of her work focuses on the subjective welfare effects of income growth and income distribution.  She is also member of the IZA and of the Institut Universitaire de France.  Her work on happiness in France has been widely covered by the French media.  Professor Senik’s personal website is here.